Photo by Monika Garsia

Photo by Monika Garsia


Hello! I am a human being creating visual artifacts inviting others to think and to change their perspectives of the subjects I address. I intend to provoke positive debates toward social, behavioural and attitudinal change in areas that are still considered taboo. The focus of my attention are human relationships with nature, the environment, and other human beings.

Whether a project is commercial or private, I work very closely with each client to distill their message and aesthetics. 

My collaboration with clients both locally and internationally ranges from smaller one-off projects to long-term campaigns. Regardless of the size or duration of the partnership, I aim to deliver timeless dedication and distinctive work.

I have a diverse background of experience from international relations to acting, fine arts and photography. My greatest delight is to collaborate with creative talents from around the world. 

I have always loved wandering around in ecstasy shooting pictures and creating stories… just like a 6 year old, holding a camera for the first time.  


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